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Watch out for THE OUTER REACHES. This is a 4-book series of strange murder stories and it begins with BODY HARVEST. Two 16-year-old detectives Ė Troy Goodhart and forensic specialist Lexi Iona Four Ė are faced with a horrible find of three bodies (perhaps four, itís hard to say) in a wood. Troy is a human like you and me. Heís a major. But Lexi is an outer. She belongs to the other human race that exists alongside majors. This adds tension and humour as they go about their investigation of the bodies which have internal organs missing.

The second book is LETHAL OUTBREAK. Three scientists wearing protective suits are found dead in a sealed, high-security laboratory. They had been studying an unknown substance brought to Earth by a recently returned Mars probe. Was this substance responsible for their deaths? Was it an accident Ė or could it be murder? Troy and Lexi quickly realise that this case is about something much worse than straightforward murder.

In FATAL CONNECTION, four people die at the same time from the gruesome symptoms of mercury poisoning. But they live in very different parts of the country and donít seem to have anything in common. Troy and Lexi have to find the fatal connection between the victims and solve a horrible crime.

In the fourth book, BLOOD AND BONE, Troy and Lexi discover a secret stash of blood, bone, brains and worse. They are from endangered tigers and rhinos. Why has someone slaughtered animals at risk from extinction? Is it to feed an illegal trade in so-called natural medicine?

I think this series will appeal to fans of my TRACES books, so why not give THE OUTER REACHES a try? Paperbacks and ebooks available.

All of the TRACES novels - including the 7th, MURDER CLUB - are available as ebooks from Amazon right now. So is my thriller, PLAGUE. This is a novel that I particularly enjoyed writing. Itís gruesome, scary and comes with a virus that makes its victims bleed from just about everywhere. In fact, itís so horrible, whatever you do, donít read it! But it won two awards. Sadly, the paperbackís out of print so Iíve posted it on Amazon alongside the TRACES ebooks. Donít blame me if it makes you squirm. I did warn you.

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Prepare yourselves for some new and gruesome murders in THE OUTER REACHES. In this series of four books, two different human species live side-by-side in the world: majors and outers. It’s as if Neanderthals had survived and evolved alongside us (majors) and become outers. The two races look similar, but they have different talents and different genetics. Outers do not have fingerprints and they are more advanced than majors but fewer in number. They drink alcohol because it doesn’t make them drunk and they eat lots of insects. They also meditate rather than sleep.

The detective duo is Troy Goodhart (a major boy) and Lexi Iona Four (an outer girl). Both are sixteen. Troy is good with people, Lexi is good with forensic science. Together they tackle some bizarre crimes, starting with BODY HARVEST.

For all fans of my TRACES crime series, there are now seven ebooks in the series. All available through a major online bookstore! You can find them all by clicking on BOOKS. Jordan Stryker is a bionic boy who uses his enhanced body to investigate unsolved crimes, terrorism and bad guys who are beyond the reach of normal policing. Catch up with him in JORDAN STRYKER: BIONIC AGENT and JORDAN STRYKER: CYBER TERROR.

SHADES is a series of short books that are strong on drama, pace and style. The SHADES books are ideal for readers who prefer their stories to be a snack rather than a big feast. FOUR DEGREES MORE is an environmental thriller that opens with a boy called Leyton watching his bedroom fall into the sea. It’s all about coastal erosion and global warming. So what does Leyton decide to do about it? He gets caught up in a green campaign that turns out to be rather more sinister than he had bargained for. ANIMAL LAB has the theme of animal rights – and animal wrongs. It’s all about a controversial part of science and medicine: animal experiments. My third book for SHADES is ASTEROID. For years, I have put individual characters under threat in thrillers and crime stories. In ASTEROID, I decided to threaten the whole of humanity with extinction through an asteroid strike on Earth. Nature is far more powerful than us humans and this novel shows it!

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